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The Live WebCams are up and running, one shows a 135 Gallon Fresh water tank and the other camera is watching a 3d Printer.
They both are using Raspberry Pi web cameras

The new project is a motorized bicyle and I have starting uploading more YouTube videos. Its been really fun so far and I plan to upload more videos as I learn more. Mixing in my eletronics background to help the hobby for others.

I have been using the Boondocker RV working, but always a work in progress. I plan to make an updated video for it soon. I need to spend some time yet to type it all out what I did and pictures of each of the projects. Its been a lot of fun and I forget to take the time to write out the adventure to share.

Another cool project in the works is some property up in Michigan we call it the cabin. Its pretty rough but its a great place to visit for some outdoor fun with the family and forget about this crazy world we live in.

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