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The Live WebCams are up and running, one shows a 135 Gallon Fresh water tank and the other camera is watching a 3d Printer I built up from DIY Parts. I have setup a CNC spindle on the 3D printer so you may see me doing some CNC carving of wood and other projects. It's always live so will need to keep an eye on it to watch a project getting printed or CNC carving.

I am working on getting Amazon links setup for the parts I used for my projects. I have had a few people ask about what filament I use also about the motors and drive systems used so going to spend some time getting them inventoried and links setup. Another cool project in the works is I have been working on rebuilding the interior on a Ford E350 RV converion truck; so I will be setting up a blog style page of the upgrades. My sister and her husband are working on a camper rebuild as well so hoping to get some pictures of there build and a little of the story behind it. Lots of content coming so this transition will be fun!

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